Decision Point

The decision point

The decision point is the key moment in which "point of care" conversations take place between patients and their healthcare providers, including physicians and pharmacists.

This decision point occurs wherever patient education and treatment decisions are being discussed—for example, in the physician’s office, in the waiting room, or at the pharmacy. It's where healthcare options are discussed and treatment decisions are made.

The problem? Most marketers and companies don’t really understand the best ways to contribute to decision point conversations. So, opportunities to support providers, patients, and payers are often lost.

The decision point presents an unsurpassed opportunity to educate, counsel, and improve patient health.

The solution? We need your participation. Discover membership opportunitieswith a new, non-profit trade association dedicated to improving and promoting effective use of tools and services that enhance patient-provider conversations: DecisionPoint, the Point of Care Communications Association.

Quick decision point insights*


Average number of annual patient-physician appointments for treatment of a chronic condition

11 Minutes

Average length of actual appointment time during a specialist visit

34 Minutes

Average length of wait time in the doctor's waiting area prior to appointment


Total prescriptions dispensed are filled in retail pharmacies


Percent of patients who visit a supermarket or pharmacy within 4 hours of their visit


*Statistics from


DecisionPoint is a group of professionals dedicated to informing, educating, and innovating a dynamic channel of communications at the actual point of care.

DecisionPoint aims to create an integrated, efficient, high-impact way for suppliers of life science companies to promote the value of these conversations while contributing collaborative ideas that will enhance the value of the channel for patients, providers, and the companies themselves.

DecisionPoint Objectives

  • Educate life science companies about the value, benefits, and proper use of decision point communications
  • Provide and grow a platform for cooperative industry efforts
  • Promote professionalism in all decision point outreach to patients and providers

Benefits of DecisionPoint membership

DecisionPoint members are able to collectively and collaboratively influence the way personalized, targeted, multichannel communication occurs at the point of care. And members also benefit by supporting education of life science marketers about the products and services available to them for contributing to point of care conversations. DecisionPoint promotes the development and use of companies interested in:

  • Focusing on moments of interaction most conducive to attention, recall, and action
  • Providing a foundation for personal engagement
  • Leading the way in integrated, high-impact, point of care communications
  • Creating unique and effective access

Current Partners

The following companies are founding members of DecisionPoint and have already become an integral part of shaping the future of point of care conversations. Add your company’s name to the list of those who want to make effective point of care conversations the norm for patients, providers, and responsible companies in the life science industry.

Join us

DecisionPoint membership opportunities

DecisionPoint is successful only through the collaboration of members to build a dynamic communication channel. Working together, members can have a strong voice and shape the future of point of care communications.

Supplier Membership

  • Suppliers must offer a media or communications service that directly educates healthcare consumers, patients, or caregivers at a point of care
  • Eligible for election to 1 of 6 voting board seats

Agency Membership

  • Eligible for appointment to agency board of advisors and election to 1 voting board seat


  • Providers of products or services to point of care supplier companies are eligible
  • Special opportunities to educate member companies about products, services, and capabilities

Membership fee structure available on request.